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Data Warehouse / Data Marts

Data Warehouse / Data Marts

Data Warehouses (enterprise level) and Data Marts (department or subject level) are repositories of integrated information (i.e., from disparate sources), available for queries and analysis. Data Warehouses are not just a larger or extended version of the source system. Unlike source systems which are typically transactional databases (OLTP) where the primary objective is to get transactions into the database as efficiently as possible, data warehouses are designed to get information out of the database as efficient and easy as possible (star schema or dimensional model).

A data warehouse should be planned and architected to serve as the “single version of the truth” for the enterprise or the department that it is serving. All intended consumer information should use the same solution. It should be noted that the data warehouse is only one part of the solution. Tools and processes must be established for getting the information out of the data warehouse and to the right person, at the right time, in the right format.

Sntrizas Technologies has helped organizations of all sizes realize the value of their information assets via data warehouses and marts.

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