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SSIS Consulting

SnTrizas Technologies delivers expert SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) consulting. Using SSIS, We can help you in implementation of an appropriate information management foundation that can deliver integrated, accurate, and timely data across your organization. Our goal is to provide data which help decision makers with accurate, relevant and actionable information, resulting in improved profitability, improved customer satisfaction and operation efficiency.

Utilizing SQL Server Integration Services we can work with you to make sure data is sourced correctly, ensure its quality, and provide the appropriate data architecture for effective reporting and analysis.

Our consulting services address the following areas:

  • Integration of data from multiple, heterogeneous data sources
  • Data cleansing and profiling to improve data quality
  • Master data management
  • Metadata management to ensure data lineage and history
  • Management of information throughout its lifecycle to enhance governance and compliance

Our expert consultants can help you:

  • Design and build well-designed packages using BIDS
  • Understand Control Flows
  • Use Control Flows in containers
  • Correctly use the Data Flow task in ETL
  • Troubleshoot packages
  • Effectively manage packages
  • Deploy packages using best practices
  • Optimize performance
  • Maximize flexibility using variable and configurations
  • Design and create customized scripts for transformations


Built upon the robust platform of SQL Server Integration Services, Sntrizas Technologies has expertise in developing ETL’s integration of source transactional systems with a Business Intelligence solution. Built to manage the extraction, transformation and loading of dimension and fact data, the meta data driven framework has template packages for multiple dimension and fact types that can be configured according to solution requirements. The ETL Framework also supports Data Quality processing and allows for configurable scoring and events, again depending on the solution requirements.

Contact Sntrizas Technologies to find out how this ETL designing may benefit your organization.